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Welcome to Olson Plans home gallery - We specialize in designing homes to meet your style and needs - Find the home of your dreams from the over 1000 plans we offer

Olson Plans Team

About our company:

With over 35 years of residential architectural experience, our goal is client
satisfaction. We are licensed in numerous states and you will find our homes in the illinois
area including: Hinsdale, Orland Park, Palos, Frankfort, Homer Glen, Mokena, New Lenox, 
Lemont, Lockport, among others. You will be impressed with our attention and concern for your
projects. We have a number of services available to fit your needs and requirements.
We have thousands of impressive designs to choose from that can be modified to
suit your style and plans. We can base your home on one of our stock plans
or help you design the home of your dreams from scratch. We are proud to have
served over 2000 satisfied clients in the past 4 years alone. Our experienced
staff is here to serve you. 


Most future homeowners don't realize the complexities involved in building a
home. It is not as simple as ordering a plan from a book or the internet and 
moving into the construction process. There are many steps that must be taken
before construction can start. Olson Plans is part of a registered architectural 
group that specializes in complete service to help you avoid any problems encountered 
in the home building process.

Who wants to buy plans to find out that they need to be certified and sealed by a local
architect? A responsible architect will certainly be hesitant to assume any liability
of someone else's work by sealing these drawings. So what happens? You end up having
to have the drawings redrawn at a large additional expense by a local architect to
guarantee that the drawings meet all requirements and standards.

Olson Plans will supply you with certified and sealed plans from our extensive library.
We will make sure that the plans comply with local codes you are building under. Further,
Olson Plans will make any changes necessary required by the building department and
resubmit the plans at no further cost to you.

Olson Plans will assist you by guiding you through the necessary documentation required
by the local building authorities to obtain final building permit.

Did you know that a Plat of Survey, a Topographical Survey, and an Engineering Drawing
will be required by most municipalities before a permit will be issued? This information
is required to be shown on certified and sealed architectural drawings. The contractor
will need accurate drawings to provide a competitive bid. Over 50% of our home design
service is by contractor referral so we know how to do this right.

Simply stated, Olson Plans is here to make you dream of having and building your own home
a reality.


When you contract with Olson Plans, you can expect to receive professional architectural services 
which will help you obtain a building permit and accurate bids by qualified contractors. Our services 
are competitively priced. You will not have to hire another architect to complete
your plans to obtain your building permit.

You first are requested to submit a customer menu sheet with your requirements.
Along with the requirements, you will provide a marked up plan printed from
our site to show the changes you need made to the plan. After review of 
the menu sheet and the plan markup, we will provide you with a proposal
within a reasonable period of time.

If you agree to our proposal, you will sign it and return the form to our
Office with a $500.00 retainer check. We will contact you to set up an
estimated delivery time for your project. We will provide you with drawings
for your approval prior to delivering the final drawings. Upon approval,
you will submit 50% payment to our office. Once we receive payment and
final marked up drawings (if there are any changes), we will contact you
to set up an expected time schedule for the finished final drawings.

We do not want to delude you into believing that building a home is a simple matter.
You can not just order plans online and start building. You can expect a period
as short as 2 weeks to as long as 3 months from the start of modifications, to complete
engineering shown on final plan. Having a custom home designed and built to your
specifications is not simple but can be highly rewarding.

We look forward to serving your needs and making your home a reality. 

Our team at Olson Plans

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